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This week through our daily Class Worships the theme we will be exploring is the theme of Friendship

The British Value we will be exploring will be Tolerance and Respect of Faiths: To understand the importance of trust and to know who we can trust

We will respect and consider our rights, Article 15. We have the right to choose our own friends and join or set up groups, as long as it isn't harmful to others.

Samantha cl 16: Dear God, Please help the people who don’t have any friends. Show the how to make good friends. Our response is: We ask you Lord.


Freddie cl 12: Dear God, Show us how to be good friend to each other. Our response is: We ask you Lord.


Myley/Tamara cl 11: Dear God Thank you for our friends who listen to us. Thank you also for our friends who care for us at all times. Amen


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